Thursday, March 11, 2010

Second Ride of Spring

Only 30 minutes' worth, both days. I meant to take the camera, for footage of the spring run-off, in memory of my grandfather. He loved to get in the car and drive out to ditches where the run-off was especially spectacular. Any shots I might have taken the last few days would have been a joke: pleasant, burbling streams that wouldn't cause so much as a booter for an intrepid seven-year-old.

The run-off we had in Manitoba was of a very different caliber. Every few years, some farmer's kid gets swept away and drowns in a ditch. I can remember pulling on my Wellies and joining friends in the fields when I was 13, and getting scared spitless -- this at an age when nothing puts fear into you.

Not in this part of the world. We have other natural threats, I guess.